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See what some of Cars For All’s celebrity clients have to say.

  • "Dear Chris: Thanks for everything!",

    Leonardo DiCaprio

  • To Christopher Abrahms: Many thanks for my EV,

    Tom Hanks

  • "Dear Chris: Thanks for hiring David J.. and for letting me drive that PRIUS!!",

    Tony Shalhoub

  • To Chris: Thanks y'all,

    Kyra Sedgwick and G. W. Bailey

  • Dear Chris: Thanks for everything!

    XOX Mary McCormack

  • To Chris: Yours Cruelly,

    Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

  • To: Chris Abrahms, Always a friend!

    Thank you,
    Marlena Willis

  • In loving memory to a wonderful friend and associate, Robert R. Willis, that the good Lord called home at a young age.

  • To Chris: Best Wishes,

    Tom Jones

  • In a tribute to 'Another Brother" Academy Award Winner Randy Stone on Oscar day with his best friend Jodie Foster. Rest in peace young brother.....

  • Academy Award Winner:

    Randy Stone - Trevor (1994)

  • To: Kitty Abrahms, Best Wishes, Jamaal Wilkes "Silk"

  • To: Chris Thanks for everything. All my best! I love the car! Dennis Haysbert

  • Best Wishes Chris | James Worthy #42

  • Chris, best wishes always, sincerely Jerry West

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