About Us

Cars for All was founded by me: Christopher F. Abrahms, and I have been an "Automotive Sales Professional" since 1977, entering a fifth decade. I worked my way up from being a salesman to becoming a GM/GSM. I have since facilitated tens of thousands of consumer transactions.

I have built a solid and respectable reputation over these years, working in franchised dealerships starting with domestics like Pontiac and Chevy to reputable imports like Lexus, Toyota and on up to Rolls Royce/Bentley.

My experience ranges from being the number one Hybrid dealer in the world, accommodating the likes of "A-List Hollywood Stars" like DiCaprio and Hanks, to providing cars for the players and coaches of the "World Champion Los Angeles Lakers" for decades, as well as the teachers, neighbors and every day persona, like you and I.

Simply put, I have adopted two very important theories:

  • I always present things in Black and White, never any gray areas in my dealings with the consumer.
  • I also take one very simple stance: I want you to buy from me. I should never have to "sell" to you. Everything is based purely on facts and available options.

When it comes down to it, I am a consumer just like anyone else. Whether you're buying a car for the first time, or have too many to count, I get it.

  • Sincerely,
  • Christopher F. Abrahms
  • Founder
  • A Licensed and Bonded California Automotive Dealer
  • Eli's Collision Repair