Welcome to Cars For All, my website that exists as a personal site for my thousands of clients I have worked with over my expansive career as a Top Tier sales person, through all the ranks including General Sale’s Manager and General Manager.

You may be one of those I have worked with before, a referral, or this is your first time accessing us, which is exciting and I welcome you.

This is a Personal Concierge Service to provide you a clean, clear, concise and painless process for your Lease or Purchase experience, with a private personal touch. We are not a broker service in general, or an internet search/shopping service.

Our wide ranging network of Dealerships, Manufacturers, and other top Tier officers of these entities, ranges throughout California and many other cities’ and states nationwide.

You can easily see the long list of Testimonials by people in all walks of life, from Hollywood A-listers (I.e. Hanks, DiCaprio and more), as well as Top Tier Athletes and sports teams (i.e. the LA Lakers and its Hall of famer’s and the front office staff). Most importantly are my neighbors, friends, dry cleaners, gardeners and frankly everyone in my life, that is why we are Cars For All.

Lastly, the fact is we take Pride in our proven process that provides personal attention, privacy, and peace of mind.

Looking forward to you stepping inside and allowing us to assist you with your next New or Pre-owned automobile.

  • Sincerely,
  • Christopher F. Abrahms
  • Founder
  • Automobile Concierge - CFA Leads the Way
  • A Licensed and Bonded California Automotive Dealer

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