Our Staff

See some of the friendly faces at Cars For All.

  • Christopher F. Abrahms


    "Honey I'm leaving the office."

  • Kitty Abrahms

    Vice President

    "Ok... Just pick up some milk and bread on the way home!"

  • Paul G. Abrahms

    Executive Consultant

    With his Gunny and Ethel's Father Vinny and Grandmother Sahara

  • Jesse J. Rambis

    "Volleyball Pro when he's not selling cars"

  • Joseph J. Hadad

    The calm, cool, and collected one

  • Gunny and Ethel

    Corporate Security

  • Quest

    Corporate Security in Training

  • James R. Keller

    "Kaptain Keller's Killer Kruises"

  • Mitchell A. Nader

    East Coast Associate

  • James R. Schrodek