We guarantee a more than fair, reasonable, complete, professional transaction, and of course knowing that we are always on the side of the consumer. That's our promise.

Cars For All is

A personal and private buying service. We act on your behalf and deal with the dealerships. We are a concierge service company.

Why use Cars For All?

In addition to privacy, our experience allows you to deal with one of the industry's most experienced companies that acts as a consumer advocate.

Who uses Cars For All?

It IS for all, the busy Business executive, the housewife and mother (the hardest job), First time Buyers, College Grad, Friends, family and the list never ends.

Our business is based upon referrals, repeat clients, and leads from our private website. We never solicit as we are discriminative about our clients. At the end of the day, we are not a run of the mill automotive broker. We are all about the "P"s, our People, Pride, a dedicated Process, your Privacy and a transaction that leaves you with a solid Peace of Mind.

Our Commitment

We guarantee a more than fair, reasonable, complete and professional transaction, and of course knowing that we are always on the side of the consumer. That's a promise.

Yes, Sales Events have value, but they are truly a marketing tool to drive business. However, what really benefits consumers in the long run: PERSONAL relationships - they are what make the total transaction come to fruition. The deal should be reflective not only of what price you pay, but also the ease of your pre-purchase time, the efficiency, and the smooth ride through the deal process.

From accommodating "A-List Hollywood Stars" like DiCaprio and Hanks, to providing cars for the players and coaches of the "World Champion Los Angeles Lakers" for decades - as well as the teachers, neighbors and every day people, like you and I.

  • CFA always present things in Black and White - never any gray areas.
  • CFA has one very simple stance: "Selling" is obsolete - everything is based purely on facts and available options. Thus you will be assured that any and all your best options will be provided, enabling you to get the deal you want!

When it comes down to it, I am a consumer just like anyone else.

  • Sincerely,
  • Christopher F. Abrahms
  • Founder
  • Automobile Concierge - CFA Leads the Way
  • A Licensed and Bonded California Automotive Dealer

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